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I'm a student at college again, huzzah. It's been a fun month.

I spend my lunchtimes drawing Adventure time stuff with my markers (letraset markers are my new addiction).

Added some commissions and stuff, because, why not.

I need to find some spare cash for markers.

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Ok, the one who gets a screen of my 10000th page view gets a commision/free drawing off me.

Winner is :icontsundoku:
Update : Starting this today. Last votes :D.

For my next project, I'm gonna try and draw as many FF women as possible, up to 10-2. Not doing anything after 10-2, those games upset me.

I asked on the forum, but got little in the way of replies.

Who do you think I should do 1st,

Pick your favourite 5 and post in a 1-5 format, 1 being fave. 5 being 5th fave.

Current top 5

1. Celes/Terra
2. x2Rikku/Tifa/Edea
3. Paine/x2Yuna/Eiko/Tifa/Porom/Rydia/Feris/Rinoa/Garnet/Freya

So far from forum


Porom : 1
Rydia : 1


Feris : 1


Terra : 3
Celes : 3
Relm : 0


Tifa : 2
Aerith : 0
Yuffie : 0
Elena : 0
Scarlet : 0
Jessie : 0
Lucrecia : 0
Marlene : 0


Rinoa : 1
Quistis : 0
Selphie : 0
Edea : 2
Ultimecia : 0
Fujin : 0
Ellone : 0
Raine : 0


Garnet : 1
Eiko : 1
Beatrix : 0
Lani : 0
Freya : 1 (I'll ignore the furrishness's final fantasy, and she was never oversexualised like what I hate about the entire furridom)
Brahne : (Only if some people actually want this drawn :|)
Mikoto : 0

FFX (Wow, not many at all.)

Yuna : 1
Rikku : 0
Lulu : 0
Shelinda : 0
Dona : 0
Yunalesca : 0

FFX-2 (Each one has multiple dresses :/...)

Yuna : 1
Rikku : 2
Paine : 1
Leblanc : 0
Lenne : 0
Lulu hasn't changed in this game apart from a case of pregnancy >_>...


Should I do these?

Why the women? Well, I'm currently working on my anatomy, and women anatomy is a bit more complicated in the drawing sense.

also women are more fun to draw, being a guy and all.
Update : I apologise for the delay between drawings, I've been busy in rl atm, I'll get as much as I can done in the next couple of days. Insomnia isn't helping, and I don't want to draw while half asleep.

Basically, I now have my new tablet.

Problem is, I'm over a year out of practise, and was terrible back then anyway. And all the glory of half decent pictures was taken away cus I used the line tool far to much.

Make a request of me, (don't expect a godlike picture, on a scale of 1 to 10, I rate my skill at 1, your 3 year old brother is my rival :|)

I will draw in a somewhat manga/comic/cartoonish manner, still trying to find the perfect way for myself.

I prefere to draw characters. Basic 4 panel comics are somthing I'm willing to make an attempt at.

No nudity will be drawn ;)
I dislike furries, so no thanks. Ears and a tail I can manage without vomiting...
No godamn ponies.

Sorry, but I really can't bring myself to draw these when I have the choice.

Most things are fair game though.

I'm will endeavor to get one drawn per day, more if the request is simple enough.

I'll be drawing in black and white for most the part. If I'm happy enough with the picture I'll colour it in.

Any characters or whatnot owned by yourself will be given proper credit.

Ok, lets go! (Last request is the tenth, 1st come first served.)

06/01/2012 :  :iconfalconess22: hybrid between… and……
07/01/2012 : :iconultimatez:… or… or…
08/01/2012 : :iconalexis-oma:…
09/01/2012 :  :iconamayaells: tamra, Shirt ref…
10/01/2012 : :iconwhase:
11/01/2012 : :iconsavguy:…
12/01/2012 : :iconx-montsegur-x:…
13/01/2012 : :iconlilithay:……
14/01/2012 : :iconartofjessiekate: victoriansteampunk.deviantart.…
15/01/2012 : :iconzombiecorpsecarnage: zombiecorpsecarnage.deviantart…
16/01/2012 : :iconfuyuno-ko: Disney's aladdin. References shouldn't be hard on this one.
17/01/2012 : :iconilluminatedowl:…
18/01/2012 : :iconkillerclaud:…
19/01/2012 : :iconilovetfa333:…
20/01/2012 : :iconpokeguy556:…
as per title I hope you are happy and drunk. if you arn't wtf are you doing with your new year.
First off. Watch this.…

If you are american, be heard, we cannot let this bill go through.

If you are not american, do as I have done, and post about it. Spread the word.
My old gfx trablet is buggered (and was shite anyways. Was more for CAD and stuff)

Anyone got any suggestions for a drawing gfx tablet? One that will get me good smooth lines. Last one was a little shakey.
This is a tad pointless, as I'm sure no one cares to read this :p.

But anyway, I cleaned up my DA Deviations. Mostly, because it shamed me to see 99% of them.

I apologise to those whom I had done art trades with that I have now deleted. If you feel strongly enough about the loss of my half of the work, then feel free to ask for somthing, but be aware I no longer have scanner access, or a working tablet, so I'll not be producing anything anytime soon.

List of things to do.

1. Learn to frikken draw before ever posting on here again.
2. Do that damn Vincent vs Sephiroth you promised to do...2 years ago?
3. Learn to do comics after learning to draw.
4. Go play some OCT's