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Join Origins :D, season 2 auditions end in about 2 weeks.

1. Pending...Pending...

Once Dead
1. :iconenterprisi: Full Body, Full Colour. Day: "He kind of floats everywhere like how he is on the ref so any kind of floating pose is fine... he also can manipulate blood so that can be flying around as well if you like" Digital or Marker.  [Once-Dead] Spinner (NPC) by enterprisi DONEZO
2. :iconsigmathepyro: AT style, Full colour. "Epicenter carrying Delta like a Big Goddamn Hero and him just kind of sulking in her arms" - digital
3. :iconbethluvsbooks: AT style, Full Colour. "Could I get a digital picture of Mir, please? I have ref here:… and no particular preference on the ref, I'd be happy with anything!"
4. :iconoct-willpower: AT style, Full Colour. "Could I get a drawing of my GW2 character, Meleagant Arquette?"
5. :iconbig-bad-wolfe: Full body, Full colour "Hm... I suppose a digital-based illustration of my Once Dead character, Chase. And for the pose...hmmmmm...him standing defensively with his knife drawn. :>" Once Dead - Chase by Big-Bad-Wolfe

Chase's Ref:
1. :iconnoodlesqueen:  AT style, Full Colour of Cassie
2. :iconredqueenmiku:  AT style, Full Colour of Dnias and Yang
3. :iconnageandzexion:  AT style, Full Colour of Theus
4. :iconcourageous-kyla:  AT style, Full Colour of Cameron


1. Shitloads.
As you have all no doubt heard, Monty Oum has passed, we have lost a great animator, but we have not lost his heart, for we have that which he has left us : his creations.

I know not whether they will continue RWBY out of respect, or discontinue it to preserve his creation, but I know that we fans will continue to play with his world.

"Keep moving forward" - Monty Oum

Rest in Peace you glorious man.
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List is on my page.

Traditional marker + Fineliner - 150Points
  Penny - Promarker by Sephtis Midna - Promarkers by Sephtis Nihilis - Markers by Sephtis
The Lich - Promarkers by Sephtis Teachu by Sephtis
Traditional marker + Fineliner + Adventure time style - 100Points
King Of Ooo listens to the Lich's Sick beats. by Sephtis Akatsuki - Adventure Time style by Sephtis Jaune AT style by Sephtis Yang AT style by Sephtis Weiss AT style by Sephtis Ruby Rose AT style by Sephtis Nora AT style by Sephtis
Normal Full colour image - 400Points  FFL : Celes Chere by Sephtis Rami by Sephtis Thane - Commission by Sephtis

Full colour Adventure Time style - 150Points  Commission 003 : Smiley Shirt Girl by Sephtis Jinx and Jake Dance! by Sephtis

Normal Lineart - 100Points  Melfina Lineart by Sephtis Lines for Kittyana by Sephtis Little Sister Lineart. by Sephtis Alice Lines for Hero-100 by Sephtis

Adventure Time lineart - 80Points  Marceline Airbass Lineart by Sephtis Jake And Jinx Dancing lineart by Sephtis Smiley Girl lines by Sephtis
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I'm thinking of joining myself, thought I'd get some others involved ;)
  • Listening to: sabaton
  • Reading: Stuff.
  • Watching: Adventure Time!
  • Playing: League of Legends
I'm a student at college again, huzzah. It's been a fun month.

I spend my lunchtimes drawing Adventure time stuff with my markers (letraset markers are my new addiction).

Added some commissions and stuff, because, why not.

I need to find some spare cash for markers.

  • Listening to: sabaton
  • Reading: Stuff.
  • Watching: Adventure Time!
  • Playing: League of Legends